Thursday, January 17, 2013

quid pro quo

Pavers at east end of the
Train Shed.
In December, Spike reported here on the disposition of an object removed from the collection.  A small steam crane was moved to Ballard where it will become part of a French bistro early next summer.  As part of the disposition, the new owner of the crane provided and installed pavers for part of the Railway History Center campus.

Workers from Pavingstone Supply were on site in January 2013 to complete the installation of paving stones.  Approximately 500 square feet of decorative concrete paving stones were placed along the east and southeast portions of the sidewalk just outside the building.

Worker from Pavingstone Supply
installs pavers in front of the Train
The pavers were called out in the original design but were not installed during the original construction.  Rapidly increasing costs lead to a cost containment program and the pavers were deleted.  A short time later, the disposal of the crane to the owner of a paving stone company presented an opportunity to get some of the pavers installed.  Something for something.