Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scouts improve safety and security

Troup 466 of the Boy Scouts of America. Quite a remarkable troop actually. In the last several years they have turned out more than a dozen Eagle Scouts. In fact so many Eagle Scouts that it is easy to forget that becoming an Eagle Scout is a remarkable achievement, and is not common place.

So the remarkable Alex C. planned his obligatory Eagle Scout project last spring. He offered to undertake a project at the Northwest Railway Museum. And the Museum came up with quite a project: 400 feet of fencing to improve safety and security. 400 feet of fence to keep accidental trespassers from wandering onto an active railroad. 400 feet of fence to keep the not so accidental trespassers from doing, well, inappropriate things.

More than 16 people participated under Alex's direction (14 plus Alex are shown in the photo and inset). His father drove a tractor, his younger brother helped measure, other adults operated concrete mixers, and other scouts poured concrete, stretched fencing fabric, and helped make the Snoqualmie Valley a better place.

So congratulations Alex on a project well planned and managed. You and your team have completed a project and teh Northwest Railway Museum is grateful for your contribution.

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