Saturday, September 12, 2009

Phoebe says and Phoebe knows

ow Phoebe may
By night or day
Enjoy Facebook
Upon the way.
From far or near
She finds it here
And thinks that you
Should hold it dear.

Phoebe says
And Phoebe knows
Our Facebook page
Has great photos.
So check it out.
Without a doubt
You’ll have some fun
And learn about

Museum news,
Things that amuse,
Events, train rides...
What’s there to lose?
Our Facebook page
is all the rage.
It’s how we keep
up with this age.

You must agree,
Is what we know
And love, you see.
But Facebook has
Its place, and as
You’ll see right here
It’s got pizazz.

While some may wait
And hesitate
To bring their status
Up to date,
It’s new and bright
When you alight
Upon our page.
Enjoy the sight.

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