Friday, March 19, 2010

Another reason we're on the map

Snoqualmie Depot circa 1896
That’s right. We’ve made the list.

Feliks Banel’s list of Seattle’s Least Endangered Historic Spots, that is. Composed of such Seattle icons as the Paramount Theatre, Space Needle and Sorrento Hotel, the list features fifteen historic places, all worthy of a visit.

It’s nice to see that we are in good company. We're proud to be on a list with the Wing Luke Asian Museum and the Northwest African American Museum any day, both of which are directed by people with an uncommon vision of what the future can be and its link to the past.

Banel goes on to point out that all of these historic landmarks are the least endangered because of ownership committed to preservation, a healthy business generating dependable revenue and aesthetic distinction. The Northwest Railway Museum receives a high score in all those categories.

So, we’re doing a lot of things right. Now, watch as we complete the Train Shed and raise historic preservation expectations to a new level!

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