Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Steam appointment

The Northwest Railway Museum is pleased to announce the appointment of Efstathios "Stathi" Pappas as the Curator of Collections.  Mr. Pappas brings a wealth of education and experience in the railway museum field and is best known for his skills in the rehabilitation, maintenance and operation of steam locomotives. He comes equipped with a Masters degree in Industrial Archaeology, and has performed major work on a variety of locomotives.

Stathi has an unusual vehicle in his personal collection too: an operational steam locomotive.  His 0-4-0 Porter is the former Santa Cruz Portland Cement 2 that will be visiting Snoqualmie Railroad Days in August.  The locomotive is dubbed the "Chiggen" for its former role as a chicken restaurant mascot near Stockton, California.  The 2 returned to steam last winter and has been touring in Northern California.

Stathi is responsible for the large object collection, including the coaches and locomotives that operate on the interpretive railway. Beginning this fall, he will be managing the Museum's steam program that will rehabilitate and operate a steam locomotive on a recurring basis as part of the interpretive railway program.  In the coming weeks he will be familiarizing himself with the Museum, and developing a detailed work plan.

Welcome aboard, Stathi!

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