Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Major flooding hits Snoqualmie and the Museum

A major flood is occuring in Snoqualmie. Today is 7 Jan 09 and there are near-record water flows on the Snoqualmie River that have put nearly 2 miles of track and two timber trestles under water. Unfortunately, Google's Blogspot - a free service that hosts this site - is having technical problems today and it is not possible to post photos. However we have posted some more information and several photos on the main web site here.

We will try to post updates on the web site to the extent practicable but power is now out in Snoqualmie and this is being posted using an emergency generator.

The Museum including the Snoqualmie Depot and the Conservation and Restoration Center will be closed until at least Friday afternoon.

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Psycho said...

Weather is going crazy all around the globe, flooding in parts where never before, tornadoes in some weird parts of the world.