Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Neighbors helping neighbors

As recovery from the recent flood event proceeds, I am thrilled by the sight of people helping each other by volunteering their time and energy. Over 100 volunteers have turned out in Snoqualmie. They go door-to-door, helping residents pull out carpeting and haul furniture and water-soaked belongings to the curb for pick up. Trucks circulate through town, picking up refuse and hauling it to the corner of King Street and Railroad Ave, where heavy equipment is used to load it into dumpsters. The phone calls offering volunteer assistance and donations of household items are still pouring in. The volunteers come from church and civic groups, from the nearby communities of North Bend, Issaquah and Sammamish, from Snoqualmie itself, and even further afield from Redmond and Seattle. Not only have they already been working side by side with City of Snoqualmie staff and local residents, but even more volunteers are already signed up to help this weekend.

Volunteers and City of Snoqualmie staff have been helping pick up debris along the Museum’s right-of-way. Last Sunday, for instance, 10 community volunteers collected debris from along the track that filled more than 12 steel 55 gallon drums. In the days ahead, the Museum will continue clean up of the track, the CRC, and perform track and signal repairs. We are all so grateful for the help and support, but remain mindful of the tremendous effort and continuing need that will go on for weeks and months.

This was a flood of historic proportions. The tremendous positive response by our neighbors should also be noted. It will almost certainly allow us to recover in time for our regular trains in April.

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