Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting the word out

Bad news doesn’t always travel as fast as we wish it would. The effects of the recent catastrophic flood event in the Snoqualmie Valley are still being felt by many businesses and residents. The Northwest Railway Museum is one of the many. Debris is still being picked up, sanitizing of equipment remains to be finished, and then the real work begins. The Museum’s right of way holds over two miles of washed out track that needs to be restored before train operations begin in mid March. Some of the wash outs are five feet deep. Ballast will need to be brought in, spread and tamped in dozens of locations. The common thought is that federal funds will pay for a disaster like that, but guess what? No such funds are available this year. The Museum is currently seeking help with this project. So, how to get the word out? Our story has been picked up by bloggers around the area and word is traveling. See Good Life Northwest and Heritage Advisor and Snoqualmie Valley Star and Snoqualmie Valley Star Editorial for added perspective on this story.

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