Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And the nominee is

Chapel Car Messenger of Peace has just been listed on the National Register of Historic Places under the national criteria. This great honor bestows national recognition to this truly important historical artifact that played a role in the settlement and development of the west.

Dubbed the "Ladies Chapel Car" because it was funded with donations from Baptist women across the country, the Messenger of Peace is recognized for its role in religious evangelism and the cultural patterns that developed as a result. Messenger of Peace spent 30 years in this region and even traveled the Snoqualmie Branch right-of-way on what is today the museum's railroad, to host services in North Bend.

Originally constructed in 1898 by Barney and Smith, Messenger of Peace has served as a rolling church, a diner and a home, among other things. It was donated to the Museum in 2007 and moved to Snoqualmie. It has been stabilized to reduce further deterioration and is now undergoing an assessment to plan collection care work. When rehabiliation and restoration is complete, visitors to the museum will be able to experience what it was like to attend services in a church on wheels.

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