Saturday, June 13, 2009


There were "Steampunks" aplenty at the Snoqualmie Depot today! The trip was arranged by Steamrats, an association of Steampunks living in and around Seattle. They planned this delightful outing to ride the train, see the falls, and all the assorted steam engines and logging contraptions in and around the Northwest Railway Museum. Naturally, most made time for high tea, but all remained vigilant for aerial pirates.

Today’s informal gathering allowed participants to dress the part, visit a Victorian-era depot, and ride inside railroad coaches built when steam was king. Now how appropriate was that?!

Certainly Spike was quite impressed with their period clothing, and especially with several sets of brass goggles. And check out the young lad. Not so visible in this photo taken with steam locomotive 11 is his steam-powered jet pack!

For those new to the term, Steampunk refers to a category of fiction somewhere between fantasy and speculative fiction that is often set in Victorian times when nearly everything was powered by steam. So think Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, dirigibles, and of course lots of steam engines.

Steampunk is developing a following across the country and a “steamposium” is planned for this October right here in the Seattle area. It sounds like a lot of fun so check out their web site for more information:


Caitriona said...

Great photo. Thanks for the nice comments. I had a great time!

Sepiachord Captn said...

We had a lovely time!

Everyone was very kind & welcoming.


Jordan Bodewell