Thursday, June 11, 2009

Train Shed contract let

Two years of design and permitting, nearly four years of fundraising, and many hours of negotiation have culminated in a contract for construction of the new Train Shed. The Train Shed will be an indoor exhibit building for large artifacts including locomotives, coaches and freight cars and will incorporate 25,000 square feet. Construction will be predominantly steel with a concrete stem wall. The design is earthquake resistant to magnitude 7.4, and flood proof to a level approximately 2 feet above the 100 year flood plane.

The Train Shed will provide fundamental preservation for critically endangered artifacts including Chapel Car 5 Messenger of Peace, White River Lumber Caboose 001, and Northern Pacific steam locomotive 924. It will also provide an attractive and comfortable environment for museum visitors. This classroom will be used to preserve, teach and perpetuate Northwest railroad history.

The bidding process was complex. With a large grant from the Federal government, special contracting provisions were required including administration of the project by King County Road Services. A call for proposals was issued in February and bids closed in late March. A period of analysis occured and an apparent low bidder was identified. Additional analysis delayed an offical decision until late May and a contract was signed in early June. The successful bidder is Wick Constructors of Bellevue, a firm with a variety of successful commercial building experiences. They are expected to complete the building in the first quarter of 2010.

The next step is a notice to proceed. This will be issued after all the required submittals including insurance and additional contracting documents are received by the County.

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