Friday, May 11, 2018

Casting details

Some organization's details are cast in stone, but some of the Museum's are cast in ductile iron!

There are many details involved in successful historic preservation.  For instance, just one vestibule platform contains hundreds of parts, two of which were recently renewed. 

Two support base castings were found cracked and unrepairable.  The originals were made from cast iron, and repairing anything made of that material is very difficult.  The parts are located on the end of coach 213, a wood Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway car built in 1912, and form the base of the center support columns.  

Mr. Tony Cooper owns Mackenzie Castings in Arlington, Washington.  Mr. Cooper produced two replacement castings in ductile iron using the Museum's patterns.  Ductile iron is a modern product, and is less brittle than cast iron.  The Museum expects long service from these new castings - thanks, Tony!

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